The Club was founded in 1877  by George Hunter Peers, after whom the club was named. Originally the main purpose of the club was to provide the poorly paid working men of Wallasey Village with a place to meet, read their newspapers, smoke their pipes and spend an evening of rational recreation without having the 'temptation of drink' before them. After 106 years the club's lease terminated and sole ownership was achieved when the club's members found sufficient funds to actually purchase the premises and grounds from the owners. This situation remains today and the task continues to maintain the century old traditions of this fine old piece of Wallasey Village's Heritage.





Mon     1-00  to  11-00 pm


Tue       1-00  to  11-00 pm


Wed     1-00  to  11-00 pm


Thur    1-00  to  11-00 pm


Fri       1-00  to  11-00 pm


Sat      1-00  to  11-00 pm


Sun      Closed



  The Club door is fitted with a combination lock.

Each Club member receives the admission code which enables them to enter and leave the premises, at any of the above times, at their own convenience.






Many of the Club's facilities e.g. the Social Room and the Bowling Green are available to hire.


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The Club is always pleased to welcome ladies and gentlemen who enjoy good company  and wish to participate in some friendly competition.





Bowls only                            £80.00*


Snooker only                        £65.00*


Bowls & Snooker                  £100.oo*


* discounted by £5 if paid by 30th Sept.


Snooker daytime only*         £35.00


Snooker (Country member) £35.00


 Junior (17-20 yrs old)           £25.00


Junior (under 17 yrs old)**    £20.00


* 1-00 to 6-00pm


** must be accompanied

    by an adult


Social Member                    £15.00


Bridge & Whist                    £30.00






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